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Knees over Toes Program PDF
[PDF] Knees over Toes Program PDF (43.3 MB)
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Knees over Toes Program PDF

Knees over Toes Program Summary

To move in the same direction as your ankles, maintain your knees over your toes. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are linked to knee inward collapse, commonly known as valgus. In order to reach maximal squat depth, the knees almost always have to go forward beyond the toes. In order to maintain ourselves upright as we get further into the squat, our knees will have to move forward more. Each squat exercise includes a variable degree of forward knee motion due to the various demands and weight/bar positions. The front squat, high-bar back squat, low-bar back squat, and box squat are in order of projected knee travel from most to least.

Many individuals think that when they squat, “the knees should never slip over the toes.” This misperception may have been caused by Fry et alstudy, .’s however that isn’t the case (2003). In this study, researchers looked at the hip and knee joint torques while squatting to observe how they changed when the knee’s forward motion was limited. Squatting with restricted forward knee movement lowered knee torque values by roughly 20%; nevertheless, it’s important to recognise that reducing forward knee travel actually shifts stress from the knees to the hips and low back (see Figure 1. below).

Hip torque levels were also found to have increased by 1,000 percent. Will our hips and knees have to give up their support in order for our lower bodies to be supported? According to a 2010 study by Schoenfeld, allowing knees to go over toes in a squat increased knee stress somewhat but remained well within the knee’s capacity. We only consider limiting forward knee motion when anterior knee soreness is present, and even then, the restrictions are generally relatively temporary.

When looking at the mechanics of the action in issue, a more balanced squat starts with “pushing the hips back” rather than “moving the knees first.” To maximize strength and power, hold your center of mass over the middle of your foot the whole squat. Three points of contact with the floor are provided by a tripod-loaded foot (heel, base of first toe, base of five-toed), providing a stable foundation from which to move. So, what did you take out from your squat evaluation? Pay close attention to how your hips or knees move initially. It’s preferable to squat with your knees aligned with your feet and move forward beyond your toes. This, however, may differ based on the squat’s weight and depth.

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