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All about NCERT

We’ve all learned NCERT textbooks in college, but have you ever wondered how NCERT came to be and why the responsibility for textbook design was assigned solely to NCERT? What is NCERT, according to this article? Its goals, vision, and logo. Why should NCERT textbooks be preferred? So, let’s get this party underway…

What is NCERT?

NCERT was established in order to achieve a shared educational structure that had a national character and promoted cross-cultural diversity. NCERT, or the National Council of Education, Research, and Training, was founded on September 1, 1961, as a government-authorized autonomous body. NCERT is headquartered in Sri Aurbindo Marg, New Delhi, and is led by Dr Hrushikesh Senapaty as Director.

How did NCERT come to be?

NCERT was founded on September 1, 1961, but its cornerstone was laid a few months earlier on July 27, 1961. At the time, the Ministry of Education ordered the integration of seven government institutes, resulting in the creation of a new autonomous council known as NCERT.

The Council’s key goal was to implement a single educational pattern in all Indian colleges, which included a 10-year generalised education curriculum followed by a 2-year diversified schooling programme.

NCERT’s goals and vision

The following are the goals of the National Council of Education, Study, and Training:

  • Conducting and promoting educational studies is one of our goals.
  • To try out new teaching methods and concepts in the classroom.
  • To provide a syllabus, textbooks, and a National Curriculum Structure, or NCF.
  • Teacher training modules, activity kits, techniques, and other learning kits, such as film, audio, and interactive methodologies, are being created.
  • Teachers, both pre-service and in-service, will receive instruction.
  • And offer training to all national and state-level officials.
  • Collaboration with international, municipal, and state bodies is a priority.

NCERT aspires to:

  • Link information to existence outside of the classroom.
  • Provide a novel approach to moving away from rote learning.
  • Enrich the programme for the student’s general progress, which is not restricted to classroom instruction.
  • Make versatile exams that are incorporated into the classroom setting.
  • Caring questions will help you develop a well-informed personality.

NCERT’s logo

NCERT’s logo features three interconnected swans, which represent the three facets of the organization’s work: research and development, training, and extension. The style dates back to the Ashoka empire in the third century BC. The icon was discovered near Raichur, Karnataka, during excavations. NCERT’s slogan is “existence everlasting by learning,” and is written in Sanskrit.

NCERT Textbooks (National Council of Educational Research and Training)

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is the supreme body in charge of publishing books recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) publishes textbooks for grades 1 through 12. Many state boards often use NCERT-recommended books that are available in their native language.

They are the least costly and more accessible textbooks. Privately published textbooks are far more costly than NCERT textbooks. In 2017, a new policy was implemented that stated that beginning in 2018, NCERT would have exclusive access to the printing of text books and CBSE would only administer examinations.

The significance of NCERT textbooks

NCERT books have a sound basis for the fundamentals as well as covering your school syllabus. NCERT books are included in all entrance tests, including engineering, medical, and also UPSE. So, if you want to do well in your board exam and pursue your dream future, you must strictly adhere to the NCERT text books.

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