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Nuovo Catalogo Esselunga 2022 PDF
Nuovo Catalogo Esselunga 2022  PDF
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Nuovo Catalogo Esselunga 2022 PDF

Nuovo Catalogo Esselunga 2022 PDF

Esselunga Catalogue 2022: additional points and prizes with partners!

Today is the first day of the new Esselunga points collection, and the Esselunga 2022 catalogue is now available online. The new Esselunga Fidaty catalogue has a lot of rewards! The new Esselunga points collection will begin today, and prizes will be available on October 9, 2022.

The collection of products from the most prominent brands includes carefully chosen items that will make every visit memorable. Let’s work together to figure out all the details!

How to get points in the Esselunga 2022 catalogue:

To take part in the new points collecting and request prizes from the new Esselunga 2022 catalogue, you must have a Fidaty member card, which you may get directly from Esselunga points of sale: the Fidaty Esselunga rewards can only be obtained this way.

There are three Esselunga Loyalty Cards, each of which allows you to receive daily discounts on a variety of purchases, earn Strawberry points, and access rewards and services. You can select from the following options:

  • A Fidaty Card is a loyalty card that allows you to earn points and get discounts.
  • A Fidaty Oro is a free credit card that may be used in Esselunga stores.

Fidaty Plus is a MasterCard credit card that may be used in hundreds of connected stores throughout the world. With the Fidaty Card, you can get 2 Strawberry points for every euro you spend over the threshold of 5 euros, whether in traditional stores or online.

Fidaty Gold and Fidaty Plus cardholders will receive 2 Strawberry Points for every € 0.90 spent, always above the € 5 threshold: to be eligible for the Fidaty Plus card, you must have held a Fidaty Card for at least one year.

The Fidaty Card and Fidaty Gold are free to issue, while the Fidaty Plus will require a €23 payment to cover the costs of issuing and renewing the card.

The points will be accepted in Atlantic Bars, Esselunga perfumeries, and laESSE stores, as well as for purchases from Esselunga partners, and extras will be available frequently. Additional companies and services that will allow you to earn additional Esselunga 2022 points include:

Eni Plenitude by Pirelli Q8 (with 1500 Esselunga Fragola Points in 2022 for electricity and gas contracts)

Amplifon Verti (up to 15,000 points by purchasing a hearing aid)

as well as others.

Connect to the official website by clicking here to learn about the Esselunga program’s latest news and promotions for Fidaty Card holders.

  • Choose your gift and begin accumulating points to meet your goal quickly.
  • Prizes must be claimed or reserved by April 11, 2022.
  • How to use the new Esselunga 2022 catalog’s points
  • Spend your Esselunga points on one of the following items from the Esselunga gift catalogue:

Choose from over 200 prizes in the Fdaty Catalog; a €27 purchase voucher is included for free when you earn 3,000 Fdaty Points. Many organisations and charities benefit from vouchers redeemable at our linked partners.

Below are a few of the Esselunga catalogue 2022’s honours (there are over 200 in all!). Here are the Esselunga Fidaty awards from the Esselunga catalogue. This year’s Esselunga prize catalogue is even more extensive: there are over 120 presents (with or without donation) to pick from among the new prizes you may earn by earning strawberry points!

table and kitchen, beauty and health, home furnishings and care, style and technology, spare time, children, animals, ideas for socially conscious gifts

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