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Paracord Uses Download PDF
Paracord Uses Download PDF
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Paracord Uses Download PDF

Paracord Uses Download PDF

Clifford W. Ashley, the famed author of The Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK)—a book widely
considered to be the “Bible” of knot tying—invented new knots…and there were many. From stopper
knots to bends to innovative expansions of a multitude of decorative knots, Ashley utilized his vast
knowledge to reconfigure what was known, integrate unique twists and turns, and create knots anew.
But something strange happened on the way to the bookstore. Since its initial publication in the
summer of 1944, ABOK has inspired a dogmatic reverence for historical knots more than the creation
of new and innovative ones, despite Ashley’s clearly expressed approval of the latter.
Evidence of this restrained vision was no more apparent than during the fanfare that surrounded Dr.
Edward Hunter’s 1978 “discovery” of the Hunter’s Bend. A means the doctor used to tie his broken
shoelaces, the bend was a front page story in the London Times. And why not? New knots, the belief
was, weren’t created every day. And the eventual realization that the bend had already been
discovered 35 years earlier by Phil D. Smith, only served to reinforce this belief.
Then came the Internet, or more specifically an opportunity for knot tyers and knot enthusiasts from all
around the world to join together as a single community. A community not only interested in historical
knots and ties, but newly discovered ones as well.

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