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Eq I 2.0 Download PDF
Eq I 2.0 Download PDF
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Eq I 2.0 Download PDF

Eq I 2.0 Download PDF

Emotional Implications. An emotional implication of your result is that you have a very active internal monologue where you
are constantly processing and evaluating your emotions. While this is a natural process for you, for others it may be difficult
and they may not pick up the same emotional cues that you do. You have solid emotional knowledge; now apply it to working
with others, making decisions and managing stress.
Social and Behavioral Implications. Those you interact with will often benefit from your emotional understanding and ability
to communicate how you are feeling. This level of communication may go a long way in forming meaningful, productive, and
even personal relationships. You could be sought out as a natural mediator of conflict between people or teams, as you not
only pick up on emotional states, but you can recognize and predict what will be emotional triggers for your colleagues. If
emotional self-awareness becomes an overused strength, you may be hypersensitive to emotions, seeing situations as
emotionally evocative where others do not perceive the same level of intensity

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