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Lord of the Flies PDF
[PDF] Lord of the Flies PDF Download
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Lord of the Flies PDF

Lord of the Flies Book Summary

A aircraft carrying a bunch of British schoolboys is shot down over a remote tropical island in the middle of a violent conflict. Ralph and Piggy, two of the lads, find a conch shell on the beach and realise it may be used as a horn to call the other guys. The lads decided on a leader and devised a plan to be rescued once they were all together. They elect Ralph as their leader, and Ralph picks another youngster, Jack, to command the boys who will go food hunting for the whole group.

Ralph, Jack, and another child, Simon, embarked on an island exploration mission. Ralph decides that they must burn a signal fire to catch the notice of passing ships when they return. By focussing sunlight via Piggy’s eyeglass lenses, the lads are able to ignite some dead wood. The lads, on the other hand, are more concerned with playing than with keeping an eye on the fire, and the flames swiftly consume the forest. A big swath of dead wood burns out of control, and one of the group’s younger youngsters vanishes, likely killed by the fire.

The boys initially enjoy their time without adults, spending most of their time splashing in the water and playing games. Ralph, on the other hand, insists that they should be tending to the signal fire and erecting shelter shelters. Although the hunters’ effort to trap a wild pig fails, its commander, Jack, gets more obsessed with the process of hunting.

When a ship passes by on the horizon one day, Ralph and Piggy are shocked to see that the signal fire, which had been the hunters’ job to keep burning, has gone out. Ralph accosts Jack, enraged, but the hunter has just returned with his first kill, and all of the hunters seem to be taken by a weird frenzy, reenacting the pursuit in a frantic dance. Piggy criticises Jack, who responds by punching Piggy in the face. In a speech designed to restore order, Ralph blows the conch shell and reprimands the guys.

During the conference, it becomes evident that several of the lads are becoming terrified. From the outset, the smallest boys, known as “littluns,” have been plagued by nightmares, and an increasing number of boys now think that the island is home to some type of beast or monster. The elder guys attempt to persuade the others in the meeting to think reasonably by posing the question of where such a creature might possible hide during the day. One of the littluns proposes it hides in the water, which scares the rest of the group.

A combat between military jets takes place high over the island not long after the meeting. The lads, who are fast sleeping below, are completely oblivious to the flashing lights and explosions in the skies. On the signal-fire mountain, a parachutist falls to his death. Sam and Eric, the twins in charge of keeping an eye on the fire at night, are sound asleep and miss the parachutist’s landing. When the twins wake up, they see his parachute’s gigantic silhouette and hear its unusual flapping sounds. They run back to the camp in dread, believing the island beast is near, and report that the beast had attacked them.

To find the monster, the guys prepare a hunting excursion. Up the mountain, Jack and Ralph, who are increasingly at odds, journey. They observe the parachute’s silhouette from afar and assume it looks like a gigantic, malformed ape. At a meeting, Jack and Ralph inform the rest of the group about the experience. Ralph is a coward, according to Jack, and should be removed from office, but the other guys refuse to vote him out. Jack rushes along the beach, yelling for all the hunters to follow him. Ralph urges the surviving lads to light a fresh signal fire on the beach, rather than on the mountain, this time. They obey, but most of them have snuck away to join Jack before completing the mission.

To commemorate the event, Jack names himself the head of the new tribe of hunters and arranges a hunt and a brutal, ceremonial murder of a sow. The hunters then decapitate the sow and give its head to the beast on a sharpened pole in the bush. Later, as Simon comes face to face with the bloodied, fly-infested head, he experiences a terrifying vision in which the head seems to be speaking to him. The voice, which he mistook for that of the Lord of the Flies, tells him that Simon would never be able to escape him since he resides inside all men. Simon passes out. He walks to the mountain when he wakes up and finds the deceased parachutist. Simon goes to the shore to tell the others what he has seen, realizing that the beast does not exist outwardly but rather inside each individual child. The others, on the other hand, are in the middle of a riotous celebration—even Ralph and Piggy have joined Jack’s feast—and when Simon’s dark form emerges from the bush, they attack him with their bare hands and fangs.

Ralph and Piggy talk about what they’ve done the next morning. In the process, Jack’s hunters assault them and their few supporters, stealing Piggy’s spectacles. Ralph’s crew heads to Jack’s stronghold in the hopes of persuading him to see reason, but Jack ties up Sam and Eric and attacks Ralph. One of the boys, Roger, rolls a rock down the mountain, killing Piggy and smashing the conch shell in the process. Ralph narrowly makes it through a hail of spears.

Ralph goes into hiding for the remainder of the night and the next day, while the others hunt him down like an animal. To get Ralph out of his hiding location, Jack has the other guys set fire to the woodland. Ralph remains in the woods, discovering and destroying the sow’s head, but he is ultimately dragged out onto the shore, where he knows the other guys will soon approach to murder him. When Ralph falls from weariness, he notices a British navy officer standing above him. The officer’s ship became aware of the forest fire. When the other lads arrive at the beach, they come to a complete halt when they see the officer. The officer is taken aback by the sight of these gang of violent, vicious youngsters and begs Ralph to explain. Ralph is overcome with relief at the fact that he is safe, but he starts to cry as he recalls what occurred on the island. The other lads start crying as well. The officer moves away from the lads to allow them to restore their calm.

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