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The Cask of Amontillado PDF
[PDF] The Cask of Amontillado PDF
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The Cask of Amontillado PDF

The Cask of Amontillado Summary

Montresor, the narrator, begins the narrative by claiming that his friend, Fortunato, has insulted him profoundly and that he desires vengeance. He intends to extract his vengeance in a controlled manner, without putting himself in danger. He plans to take advantage of Fortunato’s love of wine. During the carnival season, Montresor approaches Fortunato wearing a black silk mask.

He informs Fortunato that he’s found something that looks like Amontillado, a mild sherry from Spain. Fortunato (Italian for “lucky”) wears the jester’s colourful outfit, which includes a cone crown with bells. If Montresor is too busy, he assures Fortunato that he will have a guy called Luchesi taste it. Fortunato seemed to regard Luchesi as a rival, claiming that he could not distinguish Amontillado from other varieties of sherry. Fortunato is eager to sample the wine and evaluate if it is indeed Amontillado for Montresor. They must visit Montresor’s vaults, according to Fortunato.

Montresor has carefully orchestrated this encounter by sending his minions to the carnival. The two men enter the damp caverns that are coated in nitre, or saltpetre, a white mineral. Fortunato coughs, apparently irritated by the nitre. The narrator repeatedly offers to return Fortunato to his home, but Fortunato declines.

Instead, he takes alcohol as his cough’s remedy. The guys proceed to investigate the subterranean vaults, which are filled with the Montresor family’s dead remains. Fortunato claims to have forgotten Montresor’s family coat of arms and motto in reaction to the crypts. Montresor’s family shield depicts “a massive human foot d’or, on an azure background; the foot crushes a snake rampant whose teeth are implanted in the heel.” “Nemo me impune lacessit,” or “no one assaults me with impunity,” is the Latin motto.

Fortunato performs a hand movement later in their voyage that is a hidden symbol of the Masons, an elite fraternal society. Montresor, while claiming to be a Mason, does not recognise this hand gesture. Montresor shows Fortunato his trowel when Fortunato asks for evidence, implying that Montresor is a real stonemason. Fortunato dismisses him as joking, and the two men continue on their way.

The guys enter a crypt with three of the four walls covered with human bones. The fourth wall’s bones have been scattered across the ground. A little nook on the exposed wall is where Montresor informs Fortunato that the Amontillado is kept. Fortunato, now very inebriated, retreats to the recess’s rear. The slow-footed Fortunato is then unexpectedly chained to a stone by Montresor.

Montresor proceeds to brick up the entrance to this little tomb, locking Fortunato within, after taunting him with an invitation to escape. As Montresor constructs the first tier of the wall, Fortunato shouts inconsolably. Fortunato sighs, afraid and powerless, as the drink wears off. Fortunato, on the other hand, becomes quiet as the layers continue to rise. Fortunato chuckles as Montresor is ready to finish, as if Montresor is teasing him, but Montresor is not teasing him.

“For the love of God, Montresor!” he said at the end. Fortunato avoids responding to Montresor, who then yells out his adversary’s name twice. After receiving no reaction, Montresor argues that the dampness of the catacombs is making his heart ill. Only the jingling of Fortunato’s bells can be heard as he places the last stone in place and plasters the wall shut. On the fourth wall, he eventually repositions the bones. No one has bothered them in fifty years, he writes. “May he rest in peace,” he ends with a Latin word.

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