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Poster Enea 2022 PDF
Poster Enea 2022 PDF
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Poster Enea 2022 PDF

Poster Enea 2022 PDF

The agency made the poster available to people and experts in order to provide a clear and schematic picture of all currently active benefits.

Let’s see what concessions are depicted in the ENEA 2022 poster, from the Superbonus 110 to all the current building bonuses, and we’ll also supply a download version.

  • Download the ENEA 2022 POSTER.
  • The ENEA 2022 Poster is available for download in pdf format on this page.

What is on the ENIA POSTER?

The ENEA Poster on Superbonus 110 and Building Bonuses is a vademecum that describes all of the concessions planned for construction projects in 2022 in an understandable and graphic manner. The National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Development, in particular, underlines the qualities and benefits of the government’s existing deductions in this digital booklet, which specifically illustrates:

Bonus Verde; Bonus Facciate; Superbonus 110 percent; Ecobonus; Bonus Casa; Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus e Sismabonus

In this regard, it should be noted that the new ENEA site for bonus casa and ecobonus will be operational on April 1, 2022, through which it will be possible to provide the necessary data in order to benefit from tax deductions. Please see our in-depth examination of the subject for more information.

What Is The Enea Poster For 2022?

In the ENEA 2022 poster, the Agency summarises each of the incentive measures as follows:

The applicable deduction percentage; the spending limit; the type of bonus; who can benefit; from the permitted interventions list; possibility of a credit cession and a fattura discount

Modifications to the edilized bonus and the 110 percent superbonus

The ENEA Poster is particularly useful in that these bonuses have undergone numerous changes since their inception until now. As a result, with its schematic approach, this brief guide assists you in understanding how benefits are changed and how to comply with the rules as set forth in the Legge di Bilancio 2022, the Decreto Sostegni Ter Convertito in Legge, and other normative documents.

Who created the ENIA POSTER?

The software business Logical Soft, a previous opinion leader in the context of the National Campaign for the Promotion and Information on Energy Efficiency Issues “Italy in Class A,” prepared the ENEA summary prospectus that you may download from this page (Pdf 613 Kb). Experts from ENEA’s Energy Efficiency Unit, Domenico Prisinzano and Amalia Martelli, oversaw the project.


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Visit our page dedicated to people’s help to learn about different bonuses and perks accessible to families and workers. Additionally, you can visit our page dedicated to business assistance to learn about all of the perks available to companies. We also recommend that you sign up for our free newsletter to receive all updates and follow our Telegram channel to get a sneak peek at the latest news.

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