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Pregnancy Massage Techniques PDF Download
Pregnancy Massage Techniques PDF Download
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Pregnancy Massage Techniques PDF Download

Summary of Pregnancy Massage Techniques PDF Download

Certain themes apply to nearly every massage during pregnancy. For instance, a woman will generally have an increased need for nurturance. She will
benefit from stretching and muscular work that elongates the areas that are shortening and compressing
as pregnancy progresses.

For optimum well-being,
she will also benefit from attendance to postural
adaptations to her changing weight, as discussed in
Chapter 3. She will expect her massage therapist to be
educated and vigilant about precautions and contraindications throughout pregnancy, to create an
environment safe for herself and her unborn child.
And she will most commonly expect that receiving
bodywork will diminish discomforts and help her feel
more grounded and at ease in her body.
While a treatment-oriented, technical medical
massage model is appropriate for a variety of clients,
during pregnancy the need for a distinctly nurturing
touch often becomes greater.

This need mirrors the
growing nurturing energy that is often arising within women as the time draws nearer to nurture a new
baby. Receiving compassionate touch does more
than help a growing mother feel good; studies have
shown that women who receive this caring touch
during pregnancy have a greater capacity to attend
to their infants with an increased devotion of nurturing energy

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