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Tata Rallis Products List 2021 PDF
Tata Rallis Products List 2021 PDF
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Tata Rallis Products List 2021 PDF

Tata Rallis Products List 2021 PDF

Insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides from Tata Rallis have been developed with Indian crops in mind, with a focus on rice, cotton, and vegetables.

Fungicides such as Contaf, Contaf Plus, Master, and Fujione, weedicides such as Fateh, Tata Metri, Tata Panida, and insecticides such as Tata Mida, Reeva, Asataf, Manik, and others are among our most popular products.

Alliances with Dow AgroSciences, Syngenta, and Nihon Nohyaku helped us in introducing some of the world’s best crop protection molecules to India through our range of products.

Tata Rallis Products List 2021

    1. Blend
    2. Blitox
    3. Captaf
    4. Contaf
    5. Contaf Plus
    6. Ergon
    7. Fujione
    8. Ishaan
    9. Mantis 75 WP
    10. Master
    11. Samarth
    12. Sultaf
    13. Taqat
    14. Tata M-45
    1. Atrataf
    2. Duton
    3. Fateh
    4. Fycol
    5. Glytaf
    6. Honcho
    7. Paralac
    8. Plato
    9. Preet
    10. Sartaj
    11. Taarak
    12. Tata Cylo
    13. Tata Metri
    14. Tata Panida
    15. Tata Vaar
    1. Applaud 25 SC
    2. Asataf
    3. Cartox G
    4. Hunk
    5. Jashn
    6. Koranda 505
    7. Manik
    8. Nagata
    9. Neon
    10. Origin
    11. Reeva 2.5
    12. Reeva 5
    13. Sedna
    14. Sonic
    15. Sonic Flo
    16. Tafaban
    17. Tafethion
    18. Taffin
    19. Tafgor
    20. Takumi
    21. Tata Alpha
    22. Tatafen
    23. Tatamida SL

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What does Rallis India make?

Rallis is noted for its complete crop care solutions, thorough knowledge of Indian agriculture, long-term relationship with farmers, high-quality agrochemicals, branding and marketing experience, and robust product range. Through the Rallis Kisan Kutumb initiative, Rallis is in close contact with around 1 million farmers.

Is Rallis A Tata company?

Rallis India Ltd was established on August 23rd, 1948. Rallis India, the Tata Group’s successor to Rallis Brothers, is in the business of manufacturing and selling agricultural inputs.

Is Rallis India a good company?

Working with Rallis India is something I would suggest. My time there was fantastic, thanks to my manager’s unwavering support for all of the interns that work there. Rallis is a successful agrochemical firm in the United States. However, the long-term objectives remain unclear.

Is Rallis India Debt Free?

Rallis India has a relatively low debt-to-equity ratio of approximately 0.049. Its ROE isn’t especially spectacular, but the debt levels are low, so the company has a lot of room for growth.

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