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Two Gentlemen of Verona Class 10 Summary

Two Gentlemen of Verona Class 10 Summary PDF

In the tale Two Gentlemen of Verona, A.J. Cronin has carved out the concept of “selfless support” and clarified the value of commitment to relationships. The plot revolves around two boys called Nicola and Jacopo, who do a variety of jobs to raise money in order to compensate for their sister’s care for spinal tuberculosis.

The tale opens with the narrator travelling towards the Alps’ foothills. This is where he meets the two brothers selling wild strawberries for the first time. And after the driver forbade the narrator from purchasing the wild fruits, he purchased the largest basket and drove to town. This scene emphasises the beginning of the narrator’s increasing intimacy with the two people.

The next day, the boys’ gleaming shoes were discovered in the public square.The narrator was taken aback by this. This is where they admitted that they did a variety of stuff to make profits. The narrator is seen to grow a soft spot in his heart for them. They are innocent, severe, sweet, and sincere, according to him.

The boys are extremely beneficial to the narrator. They are eager to fulfil all of the narrator’s requirements. The narrator even discovered them selling newspapers one stormy night. When the narrator asked if he could assist them in some way, they said they would be thankful for a lift to Poleta, a nearby town. Despite the fact that it was in the narrator’s way, he led them there. The boys entered a building and requested that the author sit in a neighbouring café for an hour until they returned.

The narrator’s eagerness prompted him to follow the boys up to what turned out to be a hospital. Peering into a space headed by a nurse, he saw the boys chatting to a girl that looked like them. He didn’t want to bother the boys, so he asked the nurse for information about them. This is why the nurse informs him about their father being killed in a battle, their house being lost in a war, and their sister being diagnosed with tuberculosis. The brothers were forced to remain in a shelter and starve to death in order to provide for their sister’s care. Their ability to hold a secret and assist their sister demonstrated that the battle had not broken their heart. In their own unique and subtle manner, they were honourable, compassionate, and great human beings. This tale clearly demonstrates how real the amplification is: “Everything that glitters is not precious,” demonstrating how looks may be deceiving.

What is the central theme of the lesson Two Gentlemen of Verona?

The lesson’s theme, ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona,’ is the author’s renewed faith in humanity. The author saw a glimpse of light for war-torn Europe in Jacopo and Nicola’s self-effacing efforts for their tuberculosis-ridden sister’s care.

How was the family affected by the war in Two Gentlemen of Verona?

They had to spend the money for her medication every week. It forced the boys to put in a lot of effort. Their heart had not been shattered by the battle. As a result, the war devastated the families of the two victims.