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AP Budget 2021-22 PDF
AP Budget 2021-22 PDF
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AP Budget 2021-22 PDF

AP Budget 2021-22 PDF

On Thursday, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy of Andhra Pradesh (AP) introduced the State budget for the fiscal year 2021-22 in the Assembly. The state government has set aside Rs 1,000 crore to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has allotted Rs 13,840.44 crore to the health sector in the state budget. Rs 2,248.94 crore for Arogyasree and drugs, and Rs 1,535 crore for the Nadu and Nedu hospital renovation scheme.

The Andhra Pradesh government raised its health spending by 21.11 percent in the 2021-22 budget, allocating Rs 13,830.44 crore for Health, Medical, and Family Welfare. In 2020-21, the state budgeted Rs 11,419.48 crore, but revised estimates revealed that Andhra Pradesh invested Rs 9,426.53 crore. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Andhra Pradesh has allocated 6% of its total spending to health and medical.

On Thursday, the declaration was made as part of a one-day Budget conference. The YSRCP’s budget for 2021-22 includes funding for its healthcare programmes. In his Budget speech on the floor of the Assembly, state Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath stated that the government has invested Rs 2,246.18 crore on various measures to avert, mitigate, and control the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the minister, the state invested money on laboratories, research facilities, drugs, PPEs, ventilators, TruNat machines and chips, oxygen pipeline construction, vaccine procurement, and other things in 2020-21. He mentioned that the state plans to make the adoption of the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ scheme, which aims to enhance public healthcare and facilities, a top priority. This scheme has been allocated Rs 1,538.55 crore, which would be used to construct modern infrastructure as well as upgrade existing infrastructure. In addition, 16 new medical colleges will be established, and current medical colleges and teaching hospitals will be renovated, according to the budget.

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There is also a Gender Budget and a Children’s Budget in the province, with a combined budget outlay of Rs 16,748.47 crore for children’s growth and Rs 47,283.21 crore for women’s development. “The Government has recognised the need for a system to recognise and measure allocations earmarked for women and children in the annual budget to promote appreciation and highlighting of the extent of such allocations, ring fencing the allocations in subsequent budgets, and facilitating monitoring of spending so that expected outcomes can be realised,” said the Finance Minister.

The state has proposed a budget of Rs 24,624 crore for ‘School and Intermediate Education,’ and Rs 1,973.16 crore for higher education. State projects that support students from economically disadvantaged communities, such as Jagananna Amma Vodi, Jagananna Vidya Deevana, and Jagananna Vasathi Deevana, have received funding. “By offering complete tuition waivers and paying for their food and hostel costs, these programmes have universal admission to higher education for students from financially disadvantaged families,” said the Finance Minister.

In 2021-22, the state has set aside Rs 18,580.70 crore for the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department, an increase of 11.2 percent over the previous year’s budget. This year, the state has allocated Rs 8,727.08 crore to the Municipal and Urban Development Department (MAUD), which is 7.2 percent more than in 2020-21.

The Department of Water Resources has been allocated Rs 13,237.78 in 2021-22, which is 12.1 percent more than the allocations in 2020-21. However, notwithstanding the allocation of Rs 11,805.74 crore, updated figures still revealed Rs 5,238 crore.

A total of Rs 806.47 crore has been allocated to the Forest Department. In terms of industry and facilities, the state has proposed a budget of Rs 3,673.34 crore for the fiscal years 2021-22.

The government is also building three new greenfield airports: Orvakal Greenfield Airport, Bhogapuram Greenfield International Airport, and Dagadarthi Greenfield Airport. The no-frills greenfield airport in Orvakal has already begun commercial operations. The minister stated that land purchase for the other two airports would be done in 2021-22.

In addition, a budget of Rs 7,594.06 crore has been proposed for transportation and road infrastructure, with a budget of Rs 6,637.24 crore set aside for electricity.

Dr. YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM KISAN, a cash reward programme for land-owning farmers, received Rs 7,200 crore, while the YSR Bima scheme, which covers 100% of the premium expense and provides free insurance to 1.41 crore poor households, received Rs 372 crore.

According to the Minister, the government has already invested around Rs 33,500 crore on the welfare of 2.71 crore members of the BC group since taking office in 2019, and a sum of Rs 28,237.65 crore has been allocated as part of the BC sub-plan for 2021-22. In 2021-22, a total of Rs 3,306 crore has been proposed for the welfare of the Kapu group by various schemes, while Rs 3,840.72 crore has been proposed for the welfare of minority groups. In 2021-22, the state has set aside Rs 5,661.57 crore for ‘Housing and Infrastructure.’

In FY 2020-21, revenue expenditure was Rs 1,52,990 crore, while capital expenditure was Rs 18,797 crore. The tax deficit for 2020-21 is estimated to be around Rs 34,927 crore, while the fiscal deficit is estimated to be around Rs 54,369 crore, corresponding to 3.54 percent and 5.51 percent of GSDP, respectively.


SUB-PLANACCT 2019-20RE 2020-21BE 2021-22
SC-SUB PLAN10,068.6514,218.7617,403.14
% Growth41%22%
ST-SUB PLAN3,344.354,814.506,131.24
% Growth44%27%
BC-SUB PLAN17,277.0321,317.2428,237.65
% Growth23%32%


ItemBE 2021-22
Gender Budget47,283.21 Cr
Child Budget16,748.47 Cr
Minorities Action Plan3,840.72 Cr

AP Budget 2020-21 Highlights

Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath released the budget and make budget provision amount in the following scheme is as mentioned below:

  • Rs 3,306 crore for Kapu Welfarewelfare
  • Rs 5,478 crore for EBC welfare
  • Rs 359 crore for Brahmin welfare
  • Rs 17,403 crore for SC sub-plan
  • Rs 6,131 crore for ST sub-plan
  • Rs 1,756 crore for the ‘Minority Action’ plan
  • Rs 16,748 crore for children
  • Rs 47,283.21 crore for women development
  • Rs 11,210 crore for agricultural schemes
  • Rs 24,624 crore for education schemes
  • Rs 13,830 crore for medicine and health
  • Rs 17,000 crore for ‘YSR’ pension gift
  • Rs 3,845 crore for YSRRythu Bharosa
  • Rs 2,500 crore for Jagananna Vidya Deevena
  • Rs 2,223.15 crore for Jagananna Vasathi Deveena (Housing Scheme)
  • Rs1,802 crore for YSR-PM Fasal Bheema insurance scheme
  • Rs 865 crore for zero-interest payments (Sunna Vaddi) for DWCRA communities
  • Rs 247 crore for DWCRA women in urban areas
  • Rs 500 crore for zero-interest payments to farmers
  • Rs.500 crores for YSR Kapu Nestam
  • Rs 300 crore for YSR Jagannath Chedodu scheme
  • Rs 285 crore for YSR Vahana Mitra scheme
  • Rs 190 crore for YSR Netanna Nestam
  • Rs 120 crore for YSR Matysakara Bharosa (Fisheremen Scheme)
  • Rs 50 crore for diesel subsidy for fishermen
  • Rs 200 crore for payments to ‘Agrigold’ victims
  • Rs 20 crore for ex-gratia for farmers
  • Rs 16.64 crore for Law Nestam
  • Rs.500 crore for EBC Scheme
  • Rs 6,337 crore for YSR Aasara (Pension)
  • Rs 6,107 crore for Amma Vodi scheme
  • Rs 4,455 crore for YSR Cheyutha
  • Rs.11,210.80 crore for farmer welfare schemes
  • Rs 85.57 crore for YSR testing labs
  • Rs1802.82 crore for YSR free crop insurance
  • Rs 739.46 crore for mechanization in the agriculture sector
  • Rs 50 crore for YSR cattle compensation
  • Rs 24,624.22 crore for the education sector
  • Rs 3,500 crore for Nadu Nedu scheme
  • Rs 1200 crore for Jagananna Goru Mudda
  • Rs 750 crore for Jagananna Vidyakanuka (education)
  •  Rs 1973 crore for higher education
  • Rs 13,840.44 crore for the health sector
  • Rs 2,248.94 crore for Arogyasri scheme and purchase  of medicines
  • Rs 1535 crore for Nadu Nedu program for hospitals revamping
  • Rs 1000 crore for Fight against COVID
  • Rs 100 crore for sanitation in APVVP hospitals
  • Rs 50 crore for development of Palasa Hospital in Srikakulam District
  • Rs 5,661 crore for housing and infrastructure
  • Rs.1000 crore for incentives to  industries sector
  • Rs 200 crore for electronics and manufacturing sector
  • Rs.250 crore for Kadapa Steel Plant
  • Allocation of Rs.200 crore to APIIC
  • Rs 60.93 crore for infrastructure in MSME
  • Rs 3,673.34 crore for industrial infrastructure
  • Rs 7,594.6 crore for Roads and Buildings Department
  • Rs 6,637 crore for the Energy sector
  • Rs 1,556.39 crore for YSR Sampoorna Poshana Nutrition For All project
  • Rs 243.61 crore for Sampoorna Poshana Plus program
  • Rs 33.75 crore for DIsha Act initiative
  • Rs 278 crore for Nada-Today programs in Anganwadi
  • Rs 372.12 crore for YSR Bima Insurance scheme
  • Rs 120 crore for priests’ incentives
  • Rs 80 crore for Imam and Maujams incentives
  • Rs 40 crore for pastors’ incentives
  • Rs 206.97 crore for the Land Resurvey
  • Rs 8,727 crore to Municipal and Urban Development Department
  • Rs 13,237.78 crore to the Irrigation Department

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