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IPC Sections List PDF
IPC Sections List
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IPC Sections List PDF

IPC Sections List PDF

India’s official criminal code is the Indian Penal Code (IPC). It is a systematic code that aims to include any part of criminal law. The code was drafted based on the suggestions of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay’s first law commission in India, which was created in 1834 under the Charter Act of 1833.

It went into effect in British India in 1862, during the early years of the British Raj. However, before the 1940s, it did not immediately occur in the Princely states, which had their own courts and legal structures. The Code has been revised many times since then, and it also includes additional criminal clauses.

The Indian Penal Code was inherited by the successor states of the British Indian Empire, the Dominion of India and the Dominion of Pakistan, where it is now in use as the Pakistan Penal Code. The code remained in use after Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan. The Code was later embraced by British colonial officials in Colonial Burma, Ceylon (modern Sri Lanka), the Straits Settlements (now part of Malaysia), Singapore, and Brunei, and it also serves as the foundation for their criminal codes.

If you are an advocate or are interested in seeking a career in law, this PDF of the IPC parts in Hindi is a valuable aid. The PDF list of Indian Penal Code Sections in Hindi was developed using the Indian Penal Code, 1973 PDF, which can be found on the official website.

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How many sections are there in IPC?


Sections in IPC (576 total)

Which IPC section is most dangerous?

the year 2010 Which of these parts is the most risky IPC:383,385,387,389,452,458,354 in terms of getting bail from the court and holding other criteria in mind? the year 2010 Yes, according to Dipankar, all parts of the IPC are risky. The main exception is that it is only harmful to wrongdoers and criminals.

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IPC Sections List PDF Download

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