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Tripura Permanent/Domicile Resident Form Pdf
Tripura Permanent_Domicile Resident Form PDF (1)
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Tripura Permanent/Domicile Resident Form Pdf Download

Tripura Permanent/Domicile Resident Form Pdf Download

The Permanent Resident of Tripura is recognised as the “Domicile Card of Tripura Certificate,” and it is granted to anyone who has lived in the state for at least 10 years previous to the date of application for the certificate. Citizens may apply for a Permanent Resident of Tripura Certificate at the SDM Offices in Ambassa, Gandacherra, Kamalpur, and Longtharai Valley, respectively.

Documents Required

  • Common Application Form (Original)
  • Residency Proof of the Applicant (Photocopy)
  • Residency Proof of the Guardian (Photocopy)
  • Guardians Proof of Employment with Govt. of Tripura (Photocopy)
  • Guardians Employer Certificate (Photocopy)
  • Residency Proof of Applicants Spouse (Photocopy)
  • Applicants Birth Proof (Photocopy)
  • Residential Proof {Guardian} (Photocopy)

Tripura Permanent/Domicile Resident Form Pdf Download

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