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NABARD Schemes 2021-22 PDF
NABARD Schemes 2021-22 PDF
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NABARD Schemes 2021-22 PDF

NABARD Schemes 2021-22 PDF

NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) is an Indian development bank that oversees credit-related issues such as planning, policy, and operations for agriculture and rural enterprises.

NABARD is a non-profit organisation that provides money for agricultural and rural development projects. The institution’s main emphasis is on the growth and development of rural communities around the country. NABARD focuses on three primary sectors in the agricultural sector: funding, development, and oversight.

NABARD Schemes 2021-22

The Scheme’s goal is to assign talented students pursuing a post-graduate degree (having completed the first year) in Agriculture and allied disciplines (Veterinary, Fisheries, etc.), Agri-business, Economics, Social Sciences, and Management from reputed Institutes/ Universities short-term tasks/projects/studies useful and relevant to NABARD.

Nabard Warehouse Warehouse Scheme 2021

Under this scheme, a subsidy will provide to Kisan (farmers) for their warehouse repair and for the construction of storage places in a rural areas. Go through this article to know about documents required, benefits, eligibility criteria, objective, registration and others.

YojanaNABARD Warehouse Yojana
UnderNational Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
Introduced byCentral Government of India
Benefitsकिसानों को भण्डारण के लिए सब्सिडी प्रदान करना
RegistrationNABARD Warehouse Subsidy Yojana Apply online
ListNABARD Warehouse Yojana List 2021
BeneficiaryFarmers (किसान)

Bank Under Nabard Warehouse Scheme – 

  • Commercial banks
  • Urban cooperative bank
  • Regional Rural Banks
  • State co-operative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks
  • State co-operative banks

Subsidy Rules for Nabard Warehouse scheme – 

  • Only SC/ST and farmers of rural areas will provide 33% of subsidy up to 3 crores.
  • All farmers and Govt organization related project will get 25% subsidy up to 2.25 crores
  • Warehouse holders and companies other than farmers will also get a 15% subsidy of up to 1.35 crores.

NABARD Rural Godown Subsidy Apply 2021

Documents Required – 

  • Aadhaar card (copy)
  • Permanent Residence proof (copy)
  • Mobile number
  • Bank account number
  • Passport size photo

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Which scheme is eligible for refinancing from NABARD Rural Godown Subsidy Apply 2021?

Through the RNFS, NABARD offers refinancing assistance to qualifying banks under the Automatic Refinance Facility (ARF) for a broad range of manufacturing, processing, and service sector operations (Investment Credit).

Is NABARD Rural Godown Subsidy Apply 2021 a govt job?

The Government of India owns NABARD in its entirety. NABARD has 31 Regional Offices in States and Union Territories, a cell in Srinagar, 03 Training Establishments in the Northern, Eastern, and Southern areas of India, and 418 District Development Managers working at the district level, with its headquarters in Mumbai.

Who can open an account in NABARD?

Eligible institutions

AIF registered as per the SEBI Regulations.
Sectors agnostic funds investing 200% of the contribution committed by NABARD.
Investment managers associated with respective AIF for at least five years.
Asset Management Companies structured in accordance with statutory and regulatory obligations.

Which bank comes under nabard?

Bank Regulation

NABARD supervises State Cooperative Banks (StCBs), District Cooperative Central Banks (DCCBs), and Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) and conducts statutory inspections of these banks.

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