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75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF
[PDF] 75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF
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75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF

75 Hard Challenge Rules

Discover the 75 Strong Challenge, a 75-day programme that will help you become cognitively, physically, and emotionally stronger and healthier. Breaking out of ruts and making positive changes in our life is one of the most difficult yet rewarding things we can do.

We’ll reprogram how you think, behave, and perform on a daily basis with the 75 Strong Challenge and our 10 daily assignments, programming good empowered habits from the time you get up to the moment you go to bed. The end result will be a fitter, happier, healthier, and stronger version of yourself on day 75.

The greatest thing is that this challenge is about more than simply getting to 75 and feeling accomplished. This challenge is about establishing good, long-term habits that will enhance your life permanently and motivate you to continue.

The Goal of 75 Strong: Build Empowering Habits in 75 Days That Make You Stronger for Life

Many challenges are available on the internet that promise to help you improve mental toughness, lose weight, establish discipline, and more. Though any effort to completely transform your life for the better is admirable, the only way to improve your life in the long run – to become a stronger, tougher version of yourself – is to establish a foundation of positive habits that you can do for the entire 75-day challenge and continue for the rest of your life with increasing positive results indefinitely.

The 75-Strength challenge is designed to help us develop universally beneficial habits that will make us stronger, better, and more competent people.

By programming these core good behaviors, you may increase your motivation, your health, your self-esteem, and your happiness by creating a healthy lifestyle. You can accomplish this with 75 Strong by practicing ten healthy moves.

By day 75, we will have made the implementation of those habits automatic, allowing us to improve the quality of our lives without having to think, plan, or motivate ourselves.

We’ll deprogram or consciously re-calibrate potentially harmful behaviours, such as how we eat, our alcohol connection, and how we automatically enjoy (or don’t appreciate) the things around us.

Most importantly, our objective is to approach growth and the development of core habits that will make us stronger in a manner that is attainable, sustainable, and helpful to our general health in the long run.

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