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Kirtan Sohila PDF
[PDF] Kirtan Sohila PDF
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Kirtan Sohila PDF

Kirtan Sohila PDF

Before going to bed, all Sikhs say Kirtan Sohila, which is a nighttime prayer. Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, and Guru Arjan, three Sikh Gurus, each contributed five shabads to this bani about the agony of separation and the joy of unity with Almighty.

Guru Nanak recited the first three shabads, Guru Ram Das recited the fourth, and Guru Arjan Dev recited the fifth. It’s the most beautiful Naad I’ve ever heard. It amplifies the aura’s sensitivity to the point of protection, eradicating any negative for kilometres.

Recite Kirtan Sohila when you are threatened by any species from a direct or indirect source, or when you desire to be protected by the whole magnetic field of the earth. It’s an antidote to insomnia!

These hymns have tremendous religious and aesthetic importance.

Kirtan Sohila PDF

Guru Nanak Dev Ji arrived near the Ravi River after journeying for many years and taught the people of the globe the way to God. This property belonged to a rich man called Krori Mal, who gave it to Guru Nanak Dev Ji in its entirety. Kartarpur was given to the land. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, along with Bhai Lehna Ji, spent the latter years of his life in Kartarpur.

While residing in Kartarpur, Bhai Lehna Ji massaged Guru Nanak Dev Ji one afternoon. What did Bhai Lehna Ji have a glimpse of?

Guru Nanak Saheb Ji was well when he first began doing massage. Guru Ji’s feet were gushing out of nowhere, despite the fact that he had no wounds or injuries on his body. The feet were injured as if they had gone through prickles or something sharp.

Bhai Lehna Ji was taken aback! “Guru Ji, you are sitting here, but your feet have begun to bleed?” he inquired. Why do your feet have wounds on them, like if you stepped over something sharp?”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that there is a Sikh out in the field milking goats. I’ll summon that Sikh and then provide you with the solution to your query. Guru Ji sent another Sikh to summon the Sikhs working in the fields. When the messenger arrived in the fields, the Sikhs were ecstatic.

While milking the goats, he was reading the Bani of Kirtan Sohila. Guru Ji had summoned the Sikh, according to the messenger.

Guru Ji was greeted by a Sikh who bowed to him. “Whenever somebody reads the Bani that you were reciting (Kirtan Sohila), I am always there,” Guru Nanak Dev Ji informed the Sikh. I was strolling behind you in the fields, listening to the Bani, while you were reading Kirtan Sohila. I didn’t allow a single wound on your body get to you; instead, I took the cuts.”

The Sikh begged Guru Ji’s pardon and inquired about his next steps.

Guru Ji recommended that he read Kirtan Sohila Bani before going to sleep at night. After washing your hands, feet, and face, read the Bani with complete focus. I’ll sit at that person’s side and listen if you do this.

Kirtan Sohila began to be read at night from this point on. Even though Kirtan Sohila is a short Bani, some individuals are so sluggish that they fall asleep without reading it. It’s not quite as lengthy as Sukhmani Saheb. It merely consists of a few little shabads.

If someone reads this Bani before going to bed, they will have no nightmares. In your future life, if you die while sleeping, you will not become a ghost or an evil spirit. Guru Ji will take care of you.

“Whoever reads Kirtan Sohila before going to sleep will be near to me,” Guru Ji says in his Hukam.

While reading this Bani with focus, imagine that Guru Ji is sitting nearby, listening to me read the Bani. This Bani has five shabads: three from Guru Nanak Dev Ji and one from each of the fourth and fifth Gurus.

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