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Salvation by Langston Hughes PDF
[PDF] Salvation by Langston Hughes PDF
Author: Langston Hughes
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Language: English
Category: Religion & Spirituality
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Salvation by Langston Hughes PDF

Salvation by Langston Hughes PDF

I was redeemed from sin when I was around thirteen years old. However, it is not really rescued. This is how it went down. At my Auntie Reed’s church, there was a huge revival. There had been much preaching, singing, praying, and screaming every night for weeks, and several extremely hardened sinners had been converted to Christ, and the church’s membership had expanded by leaps and bounds. They then hosted a special gathering for children right before the revival ended, “to bring the little sheep to the flock.” My aunt spoke about it for days. That night, I was led to the front row and seated on the mourners’ bench beside all the other young sinners who had yet to be brought before Jesus.

My aunt said you saw a light when you were rescued, and something occurred to you on the inside! And then Jesus entered your life! And from then on, God was with you! You could see, hear, and feel Jesus in your soul, she claimed. I had faith in her. I’d heard a lot of elderly folks say the same thing, and it seemed to me that they should know. So I sat patiently in the sweltering, packed church, waiting for Jesus to appear.

The preacher gave a magnificent rhythmical sermon, full of groans and yells, lonely cries, and awful imagery of hell, and then he sang a song about the ninety-nine sheep that were secure in the fold, but one small lamb who was left out in the cold. “Won’t you come?” he said. Will you refuse to come to Jesus? “Won’t you come, little lambs?” He extended his arms to all of us young sinners on the mourners’ bench. And the tiny girls started crying. And several of them sprang to their feet and ran straight to Jesus. The majority of us, on the other hand, simply sat there.

A large number of elderly individuals came to pray with us, old ladies with jet-black cheeks and braided hair, and old men with work-gnarled hands. And the congregation sung a hymn about how the lesser lights are burning, and how there are some unfortunate sinners who need to be redeemed. And prayer and singing reverberated throughout the structure.

“Why don’t you come?” the minister said after hearing the music. Why don’t you come to Jesus, my lovely child? You will find Jesus waiting for you. He’s looking for you. Why don’t you pay us a visit? “Sister Reed, what is the name of this child?”

My aunt wailed, “Langston.”

“Why don’t you come, Langston?” Why don’t you come in and let yourself be saved? Oh, God’s Lamb! Why don’t you pay us a visit?

It was getting late at this point. I started to feel bad about myself for taking so long to do things. I started to wonder what God thought of Westley, who hadn’t seen Jesus but was now triumphantly seated on the platform, swinging his knickerbockered legs and beaming down at me, surrounded by deacons and elderly ladies on their knees praying. God had spared Westley’s life since he had used his name in vain and had lied in the temple. So I thought that, in order to avoid more embarrassment, I’d best lie as well and claim that Jesus had arrived, and then get up and be rescued.

As a result, I rose.
As soon as they saw me stand, the whole room erupted in a storm of yelling. Waves of joy rushed across the area. Women sprang to their feet. My aunt encircled me with her arms. I was taken to the podium by the minister, who held my hand in his.

All the fresh baby lambs were blessed in the name of God after everything quieted down, in deep calm interrupted by a few joyful “Amens.” Then the room was filled with joyful singing.

That night, for the first and only time in my life — I was twelve years old and a big lad – I sobbed. I couldn’t stop crying in my bed by myself. My aunt heard me burying my head beneath the covers. She awoke and informed my uncle that she was sobbing because the Holy Spirit had entered her life and she had seen Jesus. But I was sobbing because I couldn’t stand telling her that I had lied, that I had fooled everyone in the church, that I hadn’t seen Jesus, and that because he hadn’t come to assist me, I no longer believed in him.

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