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Surah Yaseen PDF
Surah Yaseen PDF
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Surah Yaseen PDF

Surah Yaseen Conclusion

In our nation, Surah Yasin is undoubtedly the most commonly read chapter of the Quran.
Its reading has several advantages, particularly in the mornings or anytime there is a tough circumstance; or if someone is seriously sick; or just for barakah.

You’ll be asked to read it at gatherings; like khatam-e-Quran, khatam-e-Yasin (reading it 41 or 71 times in one sitting) is a common and popular practise that’s said to cure a variety of ailments.

Few people consider that Surah Yasin, like the rest of the Quran, has a message for our guidance.
Nobody is interested in learning what that message is.

Most of the time, we regard this great reminder as if it were some magical words that can cure us of our woes.

The fact is that if we read this Surah only once, with good comprehension, and implement its wisdom in our life, it may actually relieve us of our pain of uncertainty and free us from the agony of spinning round in circles in a futile pursuit of worldly pleasures.

Not only that, but it may also relieve us of the load of accumulated indifference to the hereafter, letting us feel energised and hopeful about achieving paradise’s benefits.

We all want long-term success and happiness, but we are attempting to achieve it in a world where it was never intended to be.

Life in this world is merely a test, and the only thing we need to follow in this world is the straight route that will take us to the fulfilment of our aspirations in the hereafter, which is when our genuine life will begin.

begin. That is why Allah has given us the dua “Ihdinassirat al mustaqeem” (Lead us in the Straight Path), which we read on each of our five daily prayers.

But praying for wisdom isn’t enough; we also need someone to look up to somebody we can trust as a role model.

As a result, Allah gave Prophet Muhammad (saw) to us as a flawless example to follow till the end of time.

The Quran is a guidebook, and the Prophet’s (s.a.w.) life and personality are examples of how this instruction is put into practise.

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What is the overall message of Surah Yasin?

The surah concentrates on establishing the Qur’an as a divine source and cautions against mocking God’s revelations and being obstinate. As a warning to current and future generations, the surah recounts the penalties meted out to previous generations of nonbelievers.

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