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Tapovanam Download PDF
Tapovanam PDF Download
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Tapovanam Download PDF

Tapovanam Download PDF

Before I begin the Thapovanam parayanam of this book, I send my most humble salutations to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai, Lord of the Universe, Protector of the Afflicted, and Encapsulation of Sath-Chith-Ananda Parabrahma (Universal Supreme Reality).

On the mountain trail leading from Prashanti Nilayam to the university, there is a banyan tree. This isn’t your typical tree. It’s the Dhyana Vriksham, or Meditation Tree, and the Thapo Vriksham, or Spiritual Austerities Tree. Bhagavan manifested a thick copper plate measuring 15″ x 10″ etched with alphabetical letters of enormous spiritual force (Beeja Aksharas) on June 29, 1959 (ashadha Poornima, i.e., the full moon day of the ashadha month). He planted this banyan tree over it and buried it in the dirt at a specific location on the hill behind Prashanti Nilayam. He addressed devotees on that solemn occasion and declared: “The Bodhi Tree, where Gautama Buddha reclined, meditated, and got spiritual illumination, is his tree. This is the Enlightenment Tree (Jnan). Because during the age of Pralaya (the final union of all creation in the Infinite), Lord Krishna adopted the microcosmic form of Bala Krishna (Krishna, the Baby) and reposed on a banyan leaf, he is known as Vata Pathra Sayi (reposing on a banyan leaf). This is the tree that Sri Krishna mentions in the Bhagavad Gita. “(Sadhaka) who meditate and practise spiritual austerities here will achieve fulfilment of their aspirations, success in their endeavours, sensory control, and mental stability.”” “Sadhaka-Anugraha Vata-Vriksha Prathishthapakaya Namah,” says one line in the Ashtothara Satha Namavali, referring to the tree’s planting.

The banyan is eternal. It is eternal (Amara Vriksham). Growing into a massive tree on its own, it releases a slew of root-like extensions from its branches into the ground, which sprout new roots and spread the tree out in all directions. The process continues, providing individuals with an ever-increasing expanse of cool shade and shelter. I have no reservations in asserting that Bhagavan is also offering an ever-expanding zone of protection and serenity for the benefit of all humanity. This Thapo Vriksham (wishfulfilling celestial tree) is unmistakably Kalpa Vriksham (Bhagavan). Those who are in deep distress and tired of life’s ups and downs, those who are on a spiritual quest, those who ardently desire something pure, and those who are progressing on the path of spiritual enlightenment-all of these people come to Sri Sathya Sai’s feet to find tranquilly, supreme peace, and equanimity. Baba is indeed a Thapo Vriksham, where all spiritual austerities come to fruition. The Prashanti Nilayam is, without a doubt, the Thapovanam.

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